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August 28, 2023

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Meet Dr. Carlos Benavides

Quality care is about so much more than simply cleaning your teeth. Dr. B’s philosophy of care centers around the idea that patients are more than a set of teeth waiting to be diagnosed and treated. The smiles he cares for belong to unique individuals with unique needs, and he is known for his ability to take the whole patient into account when conducting treatment. Sometimes, this even involves singing and dancing!

The Buena Vida Culture 

At Buena Vida Dental Studio, we genuinely care about what we do. We understand the transformative and life-changing value of quality dental care, and when it comes to treating you with compassion and respect, we’re all in. We’re excited to help you and your smile flourish!

Our Services

We take a comprehensive, conservative approach to your care. Not only do we have a wide variety of treatment options available to meet a wide range of needs, but we believe the best care takes your total health and well-being into account. We’ll never recommend any treatments that we don’t believe to be absolutely necessary, but we’ll make sure to provide you with all you need to walk out our doors smiling. 

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